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ezyVet Consulting

EzyVet is an excellent tool for any veterinary practice.

This innovative cloud-based practice management software offers so much. The initial setup can be very time-consuming. However, the more time you invest upfront, the more time you will save later. But let’s face it, there is so much more happening in the life of the veterinary clinic that it might be easier and quicker to copy and paste the old information to the new software when it comes to products, contacts, chart of accounts, and more. This welcomes an ample opportunity for a mess. The efficiency of your practice depends on the proper setup. You can have a better life because of technology! How can we help? Our services are an excellent fit for start-ups and clinics switching from another PIMS to ezyVet and for clinics who have been using ezyVet for a while but feel like it’s not working as it should or to its full potential.

We offer:

Accounting integration setup

ezyVet currently integrates seamlessly with one accounting platform called Xero. Xero is comparable to Quickbooks, but Xero’s platform is user-friendly and easy to use even for a person with no bookkeeping/accounting background. Once set up correctly, it is a dream come true for anybody who wants accurate financial information in real-time. We can help correctly set up your chart of accounts and map the products and services to the proper revenue and expense accounts. We can also clear and explain syncing errors and help solve them, so they don’t reoccur. For example, ezyVet will not sync a duplicate contact to Xero.

Form of payments setup

How many forms of payments do you need? Here is a great article where we discuss it in more detail. We can help you set up the form of payments that fit your needs, including mapping to appropriate accounts. This also includes the Payjunction configuration. For the efficiency and accuracy of your customer service representative, do not look any further as Payjunction is a modern credit card processing system. They also offer a remote solution; payment via text, email, and ezyVet will automatically update payments in the system. Integrated payments with a practice management system are among the top five efficiency improvements that every practice should incorporate.

Automated reporting to your email setup

No need to remember that it is the end of the month. We can help you set up ezyVet automated reporting. For example, reports with revenue KPIs, average ticket amount, number of the patient helped, accounts receivables, and more can be sent automatically to your inbox!

Vaccine reminder set up

Make sure nobody misses their appointment. Email, text, or postcard? You can automate and save time!

Templates set up

Every team member of your practice can benefit from templates in ezyVet. There is an efficient way to enter medical notes, prepare discharge forms, pet owner’s statements, or promotional text templates.

Inventory set up in ezyVet.

Believe it or not, some practices can look in their practice management software and see the quantity on hand. Not only that, but their quantity on hand matches the actual quantity on hand! Our ezyVet consulting can help you establish procedures and set up your inventory items. Part of the procedures is financial consideration for inventory control and how to split the duties between the team members appropriately. We offer product ‘clean up’ -there are many ways to go over products in ezyVet, and sometimes we try to outsmart the technology. For example, many practices place a code by a product ‘do not use’ or ‘disabled’. This can, after a while, create an incredible challenge for anybody involved in the ordering, inventory receiving, and customer invoicing. Yes, I believe that includes almost every team member of the practice. Product ‘clean up’ can minimize frustration and incorrectly charged clients or received inventory. We can help get rid of the products that practice no longer use. We also provide solutions on how to properly code/name products and ensure that the CSR invoiced Carprofen, now Carprovet, uses the correct product code.

User permissions and proper role setup

How many roles should you set up? Do I give rights to everything to everyone? Who should be able to see, do what, and why? We can help answer those questions and tailor those needs to your practice.

The love for technology comes with an appropriate setup. Love the software you use! Let our ezyVet consulting crew help you uncover the full potential of your practice management software.

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