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Your Practice Will Benefit from the JF Bell Group:

Run Your Practice On the Go

Use any device to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims - from anywhere.

Budget & Strategy

The time spent on creating a budget will shrink to minutes. Develop a strategy. A goal without a plan is just a dream.

Succession Planning

Whether you're thinking of retirement, selling your practice, adding a doctor, or something else, our business is taking care of yours.

Cash Flow Management

Cash is a major pain point for veterinary practices. Boost your cash flow with the right tools.

Virtual Contracted CFO

We can develop internal controls, help with projects that have a major financial impact on your practice and help you analyze your data, so you can see where you excel and where improvement is needed.

Unlimited Support & Training

We will include unlimited support and training for you and your team.

Fixed Pricing

No more surprises! No after the fact or hourly billing. All fees agreed to up front.

Our services will save you time and money, allowing you more time to spend doing what you love best. No matter the financial situation, our Team will be there to assist and guide you, whether cash is running short or when high revenue is creating a tax that is frustrating you.

And yes we do payroll, accounting, taxes and other compliance work. But that’s a given, right? Already have a CPA? We are happy to work alongside them and provide consulting services, integrations, benchmarking and other services for you and your practice.  


How Can We Help?

Let us be your sounding board, your advisor, your accountability partner, your best friend, your buddy. We are here to celebrate your successes and catch you before you fall.

How Do We Operate?

Easy start with a chat, (1) initial interview to make sure your values and our values align and that we are a perfect fit. You decide if you would like us for a second date. If so, (2) need assessment is where we dive deep into your practice, ask a lot of questions, discover the strengths of your practice and its weaknesses. We tailor (3) three custom packages, three options that we believe will help you overcome the problems you are facing. The choice is yours, you decide.


These three steps are complimentary. Get started by scheduling the phone call now. Call us or better yet, hit Get Started and fill out our short form.
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