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Quickbooks Setup and Integration

Many practice owners ask us about using Quickbooks to manage their practice—and therefore “doing it themselves”.  Although our CPA’s could assist you with Quickbooks setup and bookkeeping, there are many reasons the team at JF Bell Group recommends switching from Quickbooks to our preferred cloud-based software:

1. Quickbook desktop is a location-based tool.  If your practice is using Quickbook desktop, you need to be at the veterinary practice to use it or run reports.  The practice owner is usually at the practice after hours trying to catch up on payroll, bank reconciliations or running reports.

2. Quickbooks online offers the mobility you might desire and can be a great tool to manage your practice. Be aware that there are many differences between desktop and online tools. Some of the reports, and tracking is different as well as users are limited. 

3. Setting up Quickbooks properly so that your reports are organized properly in a useful, correct format, does not have to be hard.  Our team is experienced at implementing the AAHA Chart of Accounts and designing specialized financial reports for your practice, and will help you analyze and manage your practice by using a different accounting software.

4. Your reports should help you answer the questions: How is the financial health of my practice? What can I do now to minimize taxes this year or next year? Are we using “best practices” based on the key benchmarks of other veterinary practices?  Are we working harder—or can we work smarter—to generate revenue? Are our production numbers appropriate for the number of staff members we have? Is it time to add another veterinarian? Are we using our technology to maximum advantage?  Is our inventory level working to our advantage?

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