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How to process a bounced check in ezyVet

Processing Checks in EzyVet

How to process a bounced check in ezyVet

Some people still carry checkbooks, and what is even worse, they use them. Now in all seriousness, when a person pays with a check, sometimes there is an ugly surprise when you take it to the bank. The check doesn’t clear. This not only means that you didn’t get the money, but more than likely, your bank will charge you an NSF (nonsufficient funds) fee. This can be anywhere from $10 to $40. Most practices will add the fee to the client invoice. But how is all that recorded in the system? If you are using ezyVet and it is fully integrated with Xero, the transaction is more than likely already synced to the system, and ezyVet will not let you delete the check. Which is fantastic, as you should not try to erase the history of what happened. Add a charge for the NSF fee by creating a new invoice and then record the bounced check as payment. Create a ‘new payment,’ choose to check as the form of payment, in details add the description ‘bounced check,’ and enter the amount that the check was for. Make sure you enter it as a negative number. This will accurately sync to your Xero accounting system, so it will all match when the bank reconciliation is performed.

No voiding, no deleting, just simply adding a check that bounced. Now what’s left is to contact the customer and ask for a different form of payment. As veterinary consultants, we always encourage you to remember that most customers are embarrassed by bounced checks. You can email them a remote option to spare them the call. You never know, it might be their new favorite way to pay from now on, and they might shred their checkbook once and for all. If the customer doesn’t pay, you are a proud owner of accounts receivable. More on that topic, check out our article: When Customer Leaves Without a Payment.



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