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Speaker Topic

Staying Connected & Relevant to Your Team and Clients

Duration: 50 Min.

Who in your practice is responsible for defining, coordinating, and maintaining your brand and culture?  Today’s most successful businesses are proactive and deliberate with someone in charge.  Welcome Chief Purpose Officer! There are specific steps you can take to guarantee your practice has a solid purpose and that employees and customers know what that means for them. Clients do not talk about the services they received, rather they talk about the experience they had. Poor service is the surest way to turn a service into a bad experience that is remembered and talked about for years. Welcome a business mindset that focuses on improving the team and guest experience instead of how to provide better service.  Win by continually focusing on and mastering the former.

Target audience: owners, practice managers, veterinarians, hiring managers, HR department

Topic will include: Explanation of Chief Purpose Officers, and their role in a veterinary practice. Define brand to boost not only client loyalty, but also employee retention and gain community trust. Everyone talks about being efficient. But sometimes, with efficiencies, we can lose sight of how the efficient process impacts the customer or a team member. Consistency is king!  So, when implementing a new approach, learn how to see the bigger picture and how it will impact all parties.


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