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Tips to Increase Your Team Morale

Tips to Increase Your Team Morale

One of the biggest issues practices are facing today is mental and physical burnout. Come to indulge in ideas of how you can improve their well-being and job satisfaction. Your staff can get frustrated with rude clients, lack of leadership, employee scheduling, coworkers and so many more. Let’s do something about it!

Target audience: Practice managers, veterinarians, owners

Time: 50-100 Min.

Topic will include: tips to help eliminate the frustration of staff members. Here are two examples:

1. Getting rid of your after-hours services if possible. The hiring power increases and the staff morale will also increase. Work-life balance. Millennials don’t want to be on call. (Technicians, veterinarians). Ideas on how to let go can include using technology like GuardianVet. – still capturing revenue of cases that are actually not emergencies and can be seen the following morning. Using such applications can counteract the feeling that you did not abandon the client!

2. Using modern tools for scheduling like Homebase, Tsheets, or WhenIwork. Some apps will let the employees working in the same position trade shifts, will show you projected labor cost for the week, compare actual vs scheduled, and allow your staff to clock in and out on their phone. (GPS tracking available)*


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