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ezyVet Inventory (Part 2)

How to fix your inventory in ezyVet (Part 2)

Here is a beginner guide to getting grips on your inventory count in ezyVet. This guide is part two. If you missed part one, here is a quick link. Make sure you finish Steps 1 and 2 in part one. Otherwise, the inventory in ezyVet will not show correctly. Once you ensure your ezyVet settings are correct and archived unused or duplicate products, go ahead and set up vendors.

3. Set up vendors.

Not every product comes from every vendor. There are many shortcuts and ways to go around this point, but there is nothing like vendors correctly set up under each product.

We highly recommend setting up integration where available. Currently, ezyVet integrates with Covetrus, MWI, Midwest Veterinary Supply, and other vendors. Check them out.

4. Ensure your purchasing and receiving procedures in ezyVet are in place.

To create a purchase order in ezyVet, head to the financial tab – Purchase Orders. To learn more about purchase orders, head to the Help button in ezyVet. The bottom line is the purchase order can be created with any vendor, integrated or not. Either way, the product must be set up properly. Under Admin – Product – Ordering, the vendor needs to be listed. You can link the vendor, but you don’t have to. We highly recommend setting up integration where available. Currently, ezyVet integrates with Covetrus, MWI, Midwest Veterinary Supply, and other vendors. Check them out. From internal control, one person should create a purchase order, and a different person should receive the inventory. Make sure the amounts received match the purchase order. Go to Financial – Receive Invoice/Inventory. If vendors are integrated, this process is straightforward. Verify the quantities received and approve the inventory received. Another advantage of an integrated vendor is that your product cost will be automatically updated as the cost of a product goes up. The increase will automatically happen if your pricing is tied to your cost.

Note: Integrating vendors might take some time to set up. Don’t give up!  

5. Perform inventory count.

Performing inventory count can be quite an overwhelming task, and therefore our recommendation is to start again with the Inventory Value report. You can access it in ezyVet by going to Reporting – Inventory Value. Export the report as an Excel spreadsheet. Delete or hide the first few rows. Your first row will be blue fields with Code, Name, Product Group, Qty Inventory, and Total Inventory Value.

Click on the first row and activate filter – Data – Filter. Filter the items from highest value to smallest. This will show you the most valuable products on your shelf. Perform the count on the first 20 items. If you are counting pills, use an app like Pilleye or anything that counts the pills for you. If the amounts differ, note them in the column and let Excel calculate them. Enter adjustment in ezyVet. Head to Financial – Inventory Adjustment and record the differences. Ensure you pull the Inventory value report to verify that quantities match. Continue with another 20 products till you are at the end of your list. Instead of starting from the top, start with the 20 most expensive items and work your way down.

6. Perform regular checks.

We recommend monitoring your physical count regularly. Items of higher value should be observed more frequently than items of low value. Items with discrepancies should also be added to the items that perform physical counts more often until you figure out what is causing the discrepancy. There are many reasons why the difference is present; perhaps another product has a similar name, was checked out incorrectly, or the item is being invoiced as three bottles, but only three pills were sold, etc.

Go deeper by implementing those items:

Verify the cost of products is correct.

Verify your pricing is correct.

Need help? Feel free to reach out to us. We can help you get started or even clean up your ezyVet inventory.



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