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Reorder Points, Reorder Quantity, and Automated Pricing in ezyVet

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Reorder Points, Reorder Quantity, and Automated Pricing in ezyVet

Imagine that you can order your products by logging into the ezyVet and creating a purchase order based on the current inventory quantity and levels set up without even thinking. Just click a button to generate what needs to be ordered. Push the order through. Once inventory arrives, the receiving agent clicks received in the system, inventory levels are automatically updated, and pricing is adjusted. What a dream! Or is it? Take the following steps to make your dream a reality.

Create a purchase order in ezyVet. The purchase order should not be made by the same person who will be receiving the inventory. In ezyVet: Go go Financial- Purchase Orders – Select Supplier.

Add products you would like to order. If the product is not showing, it is because the product doesn’t have the supplier assigned. You can just head to a product and add the supplier. Product – Choose product – Tab – Ordering – Click + Suppliers. 

Approve the purchase order. You can hit send and place the order if your supplier is integrated. If your supplier isn’t integrated, you will need to go online to place the order. Since that is redundant, we highly recommend integrating any vendor that ezyVet supports. 

Once the order arrives, you can click on the purchase order and receive the invoice and inventory. For integrated vendors, the pricing of the product will be automatically updated, as well as quantity. This does ensure your price is up to date if your pricing is set up as Markup%. Keep in mind if your product’s pricing is set up as Fixed, it will not adjust the price; your markup will automatically decrease. 

Regularly, an inventory count should be performed. If the counts are off, the reason must be investigated. Make inventory adjustments. Each adjustment should have a reason assigned. To set your customized reasons, go to Products – Inventory Adjustment Reasons – Unknown, Waste, Expired, etc. Only a very few individuals should have the right to make adjustments. Monitor adjustments at least on a monthly basis. 

Set Up Threshold, Reorder Point, Reorder Amount: Purchase orders could be created with a push of a button for products low on inventory. So there is no need for red tags, last box labels, etc. Set up inventory threshold for each product. EzyVet allows you to set a minimum reorder amount and to reorder to the max level. These can be set up under each product by going to the Ordering Tab. 

Once those are set up, head to Inventory Orders and click the Add Required Inventory button.

Make sure you have set up your products correctly. This article ‘How to fix your inventory in ezyVet – Part 1’ will show you how to ensure the inventory track is correct, product is part of container or bundle where needed, etc. If you need help setting up vendors, and performing inventory count, check out this article ‘How to fix your inventory in ezyVet – Part 2’. You are more than welcome to reach out to us, so we can help you clean up your inventory and set you up for success. As veterinary business advisor, we love utilizing technology to make practices more efficient and successful. Since cost of goods sold is the second biggest expense in veterinary practice, we can advise you on how to get a handle on your inventory and make your practice more profitable.



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